Statement on the Counting of the Votes of Women Quota Seats in the Parliamentary Elections 2010

Egyptian Parliament - Photo By: Mohamed Zeineldine


30 Nov 2010

Nazra for feminist studies, a member of the Independent coalition of Observing the elections.

Nazra observed the followings in the counting of the votes process:

1. The lack of knowledge on the quota system in the electoral process was obvious in the counting of the votes process, ballot cards  of the women quota seats were in the general seats boxes , and many voted only for one candidate not two candidate professional or labor and this happened in the second committee (women quota seat) in Cairo governorate .

2. It was observed that it was not possible to all the independent candidates and the opposition parties to enter their committees of the counting to monitor the counting process, and this was due to the prevention of the security personals to the representatives of the candidates.

3. It was observed that in the boxes of the women quota seats there were more ballot cards than the general seats ballot cards and this shows that there were marking for  the ballot cards in the women quota seats.

4. There was marking of ballot cards in some counting committees in favor of the candidates of the of the National Democratic Party NDP.

The statement is attached.