Critical Review to Statements of Manal Abul Hassan about Women March and Her Perspective about Women Rights Issues

Dr Manal Abul Hassan - Source: Ashraq Al-Awsat
  • 17 Deccember 2011 - Source: AP
  • 17 Deccember 2011 - Source: AFP
  • 17 Deccember 2011 - Source: Reuters

Research Paper

25 Feb 2012

This paper is providing an analysis from gender perspective and from Islamic feminist perspective, to the statements of Dr Manal Abul Hassan, the secretary of Women division of Cairo, of the Freedom and the Justice party, here and after FJP , the political arm of the Muslim Brotherhood.  Abul Hassan criticized female demonstrators and their march which was known by “women march”, where they refuted the violations of the army personals against the female protestors in the cabinet incidents, which took place in December 2011. This paper is focusing on the view of FJP on women rights issues.  To read the paper click here.